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The Department of Iowa VFW would appreciate any donations to help veterans in the area and to support the scholarship programs to the Scouts, The Voice of Democracy, and Patriots Pen.  Your donation would help us help many.

That old saying "Veterans Helping Veterans" goes hand-in-hand with the VFW motto of Honoring the Dead by Helping the Living. It also helps us with keeping our promise that No One Does More For Veterans stands true. Our VFW Post's main concern is for our local Veterans and their families.

We visit hospitals and donate socks and sweats to those veterans recovering from injuries received on the front lines of war. We also visit retirement homes and spend time with our elder heroes to show them that they are not forgotten, important people in our community. Our Post also supports our local law enforcement and fire department agencies. Your donation would go to help these activities. We believe that the veteran gave on the front line, but the Police and other first responder agencies protect the home front.

The Post also donates funds to the National VFW Home for Children in Michigan. Our individual members donate out of their own pockets and the Post sends in funds to help feed and clothe these children.

It doesn't stop there as the Ladies Auxiliary and Men's Auxiliary help the Veterans and their families with their activities. It takes a Village to raise a child, but it takes the veterans to raise that child with the freedoms that the veteran gives to us.

If you prefer to donate time with volunteering or to get your moneys worth, stop at the Post during the many community service events such as Steak Night, the Community Dance, or fundraising events.

Hospital Fund - Purchase personal items everything from toiletries to magazines for our hospitalized veterans.

Youth Scholarship Programs - Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen.

Military Service Programs - Military Assistance (MAP), Unmet Needs and Operation Uplink.

Disaster Relief Fund - Assist our members during a natural disaster.

National Home for the Children - funds are used to support the children in our Iowa House at the VFW National Home for the Children in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Please make your check or money order out to "VFW State of Iowa" and send them to:

VFW State Headquarters
3601 Beaver Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50310

Make sure you write down in the memo portion of your check, as to which program you are donating to. It's not the amount you donate, just so you donate, because every dollar is important to us.

Thank you for your support.


Our Department of Iowa VFW is incorporated in the State of Iowa as a tax-exempt, non-profit veterans group operating as a 501 (C) (19) organization. Our elected officers, appointed officers, committeemen, and all of our other volunteers work and serve without pay or financial incentive. One-hundred percent of all contributed money is applied to further the work described above, and/or for whatever other financial or material needs or services that a veteran or his or her family may have. Every single penny goes to them. Our post does not engage in mass-mailings, nor phone solicitation, nor does it employ professional fund-raisers. Instead, we rely upon the good will of our own members and of those who know of and support our worth while local and national programs. Much of our money, a very good-sized chunk of it, comes from contributions from among our own post membership, Auxiliaries, support members and from a number of other local and outside individuals who all support our goal of supporting OUR local veterans and their families. All donations to the post fully qualify as charitable contributions under the federal tax code and Federal and State IRS rules. You will be given a receipt for any and all money, equipment, materials, etc that you may donate.

Please mail any donations to:

Department of Iowa VFW Donation

3601 Beaver Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50310


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