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Any Post in the VFW Nation can help provide information and counseling for veterans in need of specialized assistance such as referrals to Social Services, Social Security, Veteran Centers, local veteran organizations, local hospitals, nursing homes, employment services and funeral homes. Coordinate with other local, state and federal agencies to establish referral guidelines for veterans in need of assistance. We also provide assistance in submitting appeals for discharge upgrades thru the Post Service Officer that can help guide the veterans in the directions to complete their goals.

A Post Service Officer can also assist families in obtaining grave markers for deceased veteran working with the Department of Memorial Service in Washington D.C.

A Post honors those veterans in need of home visits to housebound veterans, surviving spouses and to residents of nursing homes who need counseling or assistance throughout Iowa if requested.

A Post is also a great place for those parents that have sons, daughters, nephews and nieces in areas War as a support tier, where they can setup care packages and help other Soldier families in the process.

















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