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Wives, widows, mothers, foster and stepmothers (who have performed the duties of parent), grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, foster and stepdaughters (who attained that status prior to the age of sixteen and for whom the duties of parent were performed), sisters, half sisters, foster and stepsisters (who attained that status prior to age sixteen) of persons who were or are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.  Members must be citizens of the United States and not less than sixteen years old.

Women eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall be eligible for dual membership in the Ladies Auxiliary.

Many of our Post members do not realize that all of these members of their families can join. Some believe that is just their wives.  So, please encourage members that you know who have sisters, mothers, etc., who are not already members to join.  They do not have to live within the same state as your membership to join the Ladies Auxiliary.  We already have many out of state members within our own Ladies Auxiliary.  Some joined here, then moved, and some were signed up by one of their family members here.


As part of a National Organization, there are several different levels to the Ladies Auxiliary.  These same levels are used in our Parent Organization (the VFW) as well.

Local Auxiliary

Local Auxiliaries are established as a subordinate organization to the local VFW Post.  One business meeting must be held each month (some Auxiliaries hold more than one).  Local officers are elected every April, and are installed later on (usually in May).  The new officers assume their duties after the installation of the State (Department) President at the Department Convention (usually in June).

County Council

The National Bylaws allow for a level called the County Council, made up of all Auxiliaries and Post within the County. Iowa does not have any County Councils, although some states do.


Each state may be broken up into Districts.  Most States have Districts (but not all). Districts meet once each quarter, with the location rotating to different Posts in the District.

Districts are formed to act as a school of instruction to members.  The District President acts as the liaison between the State Officers and the Local members.  She visits each Auxiliary in her District each year, and insures that they carry out the business in a proper manner. But she also brings information from State, and carries the concerns of the members to the attention of the State Officers.

Each District President is also considered a State Officer, since she represents her District on the State level.  She sits on the State Council of Administration, which votes on the business of the State. 

Any member in good standing of any Auxiliary in the District may attend the District meetings and may be a District Officer.  District officers are elected at a District Convention at the spring meeting each year. The District Officers are installed at that same meeting, and assume office when the State President is installed.

State (Department)

The Department holds three meetings each year, a Fall Council meeting, a Winter Council Meeting, and the State Convention in June, where the State Officers are elected and installed.
The Department Convention is the governing body of the State organization. However, between the Conventions, the Council of Administration conducts the business of the State. Members of the Council of Administration are the State Officers, the District Presidents, and the four most recent Past Department Presidents.

Any member in good standing of any Auxiliary in the State may attend the State meetings and may run for Department Officer.


The National Organization is broken down into four different Conferences.  Each Conference holds two meetings per year, one in the Fall (location rotates to each state in order within that specific Conference) and one held in conjunction with the National Convention each summer one held within the National Convention.  Conference Officers are elected and installed at the summer meeting.

Elected Officers of the Conference are the President, Vice President, Chaplain and Treasurerr.  The President appoints all other officers.  The President of the Conference rotates to each state in order, so each state in that Conference has a Conference President only once in 14 years.


To ensure that National Officers are not all from the same part of the country, each year, a Conference takes a turn in submitting candidates for National office.  Therefore, once each 4 years, the National Guard will be selected from candidates from that Conference. 

Any member in good standing of an Auxiliary in that Conference may run for National Guard. Once elected as Guard, it is customary that they proceed up through the chairs until they serve as National President.  However, according to the Bylaws, any member in good standing of an Auxiliary may run for any elected office.

Twice each year, members from all over the nation gather.  Just like at the State level, the delegates to the National organization meet to promote programs, give awards and elect National officers.  But in addition, they vote on proposed changes to the National Bylaws, and see special people being honored as outstanding achievers.  The National President holds the Mid Year Conference in the spring each year in a location selected.  The Auxiliary National Convention is held in August each year, in conjunction with the VFW National Convention, with the location being selected by the VFW Headquarters.

The National Convention is the governing body of the National organization.  However, between the Conventions, the National Council of Administration conducts the business of the organization.  Members of the Council of Administration are the National Officers, the National Council Members that represent each National District, and the most recent four Past National Presidents.

The VFW National Headquarters is located in Kansas City, MO, in the same building as the VFW National Headquarters.  The Auxiliary National Secretary-Treasurerr is located in that Headquarters office, along with a support staff and the Auxiliary Supply Department.

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