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Department of Iowa VFW would like to have you as a member of our Post.  We are a busy Post that enjoys helping our Veterans and doing Community Service and are constantly looking for New Members to join us.

You can stop by any VFW Post in the State of Iowa to get an application to join a Post.  Check the Post you are wanting to join for hours of operations and for meeting times.

The procedures to become a member of the Post is for current members of the Post to vote you in as a member at a Post Meeting.  This is standard procedure at all VFW Post.

You can go online to VFW.org and sign up as a new member, however you will still need to fill out a Department of Iowa VFW Membership Application to help us Verify your Eligibility.

If going online to the VFW.org site to sign up, please note that membership fee is 35.00 annually compared to the price of 26.00 annually at the Department of Iowa VFW on the Department of Iowa VFW Membership Application.  Once the form is brought to the post and voted in, the Post Adjutant will register your information into the VFW Member Database.

You can also become a Life member, eliminating the yearly hassle of paying.  This is covered on the Department of Iowa VFW Application.  Your current age is a factor for what the Life Membership amount would be.

There is also the Legacy membership, you have to be a Life Member to be able to have this type of membership, you can see the benefits of this by going to the Legacy page on this site, click here.

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