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Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) 

                                                                                                                July 17, 2012

Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)                                           

To: VFW Members

We would like to announce that the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Headquarters now proudly sponsors Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+).  This product provides medical emergency assistance for members and their families while traveling.  Benefits include:

  • 1.     Medical Evacuation - including helicopter or ambulance transport to a more appropriate medical facility, specialist sent to memberís location or transportation home.

  • 2.     Medical Assistance - including emergency medical monitoring, unlimited cash advance for medical payments, prescription replacement assistance and medical professional locator services

  • 3.     Assistance for Companions - including one round-trip economy class airline ticket to bring a loved one to the memberís bedside, airfare home for dependent children or grandchildren traveling with the member, ticket home for a traveling companion and pet care and return home assistance for pets traveling with the member.

  • 4.     Travel Assistance - including return of the memberís vehicle if they cannot drive home, lost luggage assistance, passport, driverís license, birth certificate or other document replacement assistance, language interpretation services and return of deceased remains should the member die while traveling.

  • 5.     Personal Security Services - includes real time security intelligence and security evacuation assistance for over 180 countries

Please make VFW members aware of this great benefit by distributing this letter to the Posts and Posts members in your department.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact Sharon Smith at National Headquarters at 1-800-821-2606, option 1, or email her at ssmith@vfw.org



                                                                James J. Lierz, Manager

                                                                Member Benefit Department

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