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2013 - 2014

Commander   Gary Marquardt grm20764@yahoo.com
Sr. Vice-Commander   Chris Popp gunny.highway@mchsi.com
Jr. Vice-Commander   Travis Holden travis712@mchsi.com
Quartermaster   Jerry Black vfwiowa@qwestoffice.net
Adjutant   Jerry Black vfwiowa@qwestoffice.net
Judge Advocate   Shawn Miller smiller.vfw9127@gmail.com
Surgeon   Terry Charlett, Jr. terry.l.charlett.mil@mail.mil
Chaplain   Harry Christ N/A
Service Officer   Quinten Christensen quinten.christensen@va.gov
Past Commander   Larry Winther lsw@mchsi.com
Iowa National Councilman   Darrell Blasberg blaze101@netins.net
Chief of Staff   Jacob Gruber jbgruber@mchsi.com
Inspector   Travis Holden travis712@mchsi.com
Historian   Paul Arnold guns_66@yahoo.com
Assistant Service Officer   Jamie Huseboe james.huseboe@hotmail.com
Assistant Service Officer   Richard Davis richard.davis@va.gov

Commander - Leader of the Department of Iowa VFW and presides over State meetings.

Senior Vice Commander - Leads when Commander is unavailable.

Junior Vice Commander - Leads if both the Commander and Sr. Vice Commander are unavailable.

Quartermaster - Department Treasurer and material procurer.

Judge Advocate - Assists Commander in Department and VFW procedures.

Chaplin - Performs prayers in meetings and special veterans services.

Surgeon - Educates members on veterans health related issues.

Note: Trustees are also elected but are not considered Line Officers. Their duty is to audit the Departments financial books quarterly.

Note: House Committee members are also elected and not considered officers.


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Legislative Chairman Larry Larson larrylarson@ymail.com
Public Relations Chairman Paul Arnold guns_66@yahoo.com
Editor Becky Dirks-Haugsted bkyhaugsted@hotmail.com
Buddy Poppy Chairman Chris Popp gunny.highway@mchsi.com
Citizenship Education Chairman Robert Peters peteusmcret@rocketmail.com
Community Activities Chairman Don Roepke rwirerope@aol.com
Homeless Veterans Chairman Jacob Gruber jbgruber@mchsi.com
Hospital Chairman Terry Charlett, Jr. terry.l.charlett.mil@mail.mil
Life Membership Chairman Danny White xpara173@aol.com
Loyalty Day Chairman Robert Peters peteusmcret@rocketmail.com
Membership Chairman Larry Winther lsw@mchsi.com
National Home Chairman Larry Larson larrylarson@ymail.com
NMS Chairman Pat Stark vfw.patstark@gmail.com
Outreach Chairman Larry Winther lsw@mchsi.com
Patriot's Pen Chairman Ward Ransford ransford@iowatelecom.net
POW/MIA Chairman Travis Holden travis712@mchsi.com
Safety Chairman Dennis Able able4isu@mchsi.com
Teacher Award Chairman Robert Peters peteusmcret@rocketmail.com
Veterans Service Chairman Travis Holden travis712@mchsi.com
Voice of Democracy Chairman Ward Ransford ransford@iowatelecom.net
Women Veterans Chairman Becky Dirks-Haugsted bkyhaugsted@hotmail.com
Youth Activities Chairman Shawn Miller smiller.vfw9127@gmail.com



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