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Cancer Aid and Research

Our Dreams Become Rainbows through our continued efforts to educate and support the Cancer Aid & Research program. Early detection of cancer is one of the most important things we the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW must continue emphasizing. Materials and guest speakers for seminars are available by contacting your local Division of American Cancer Society to request free brochures and guest speakers. Call toll free 1-800-277-2345. Faith, Family & Friends we can get the word out.

Cancer Grants are funded through the Cancer Aid & Research program for members stricken with Cancer. Grants are available to members after one full year of membership, and a member is entitled to two grants in a lifetime. Auxiliary Treasurers and/or Cancer Chairman are responsible to keep Cancer Grants forms on hand. They may contact National Headquarters in Kansas City, Mo at 816-561-8655 to request Cancer Grant forms. (Grant Forms are not to be photo copied.) Members can apply directly to National Headquarters for the Cancer Grant. If a member request help, please give them all the support you can. The current Cancer Grant Application reflects a revised date 3/29/00. ALL previous applications MUST be discarded.

Junior Girls qualify for a one-time Cancer Grant. This is a different application, and to receive an application, please contact Barbara Grisham, 406 West 34th St., 10th Floor, Kansas City, MO 64111; or call 1-816-561-8655 ext. 29, or email bgrisham@vfw.org.

Cancer Insurance Auxiliary Treasurers must keep a master copy of the Insurance Claim Form. The Claim form can be photo copied as your auxiliary sisters need them.

Fund Raising is the backbone of the Cancer Aid & Research Program. Look for help from your community when doing a fund raiser. Ask for help from VFW members when doing a fund raiser. Cancer strike men, women and children. Encourage your members to give memorials in lieu of flowers to the Cancer Aid & Research Fund through your Auxiliary Treasurer in memory of an Auxiliary member, Post member, friend or relative. This year National Director Glenda Daniels is asking for the support of Auxiliary and Post members to participate in the “Dimes A Day” fundraising project. That’s 10 cents a day per member. To make the Cancer Program successful we must use publicize, publicize, publicize. It takes the help of the local auxiliary and district to make the Department of Iowa succeed. Let’s make “Our Dreams Become Rainbows” with “Faith, Family & Friends”.

Postdoctoral Cancer Research Fellowship is a two-year $100,000 Postdoctoral Cancer Research Fellowship is awarded annually to further cancer research based on specified criteria. The application goes to universities, hospitals, and other research facilities. Applications are available from Department Chairman, National Headquarters and on the Website.



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